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Movement is Life

In Wisdom by ywijting

Movement is life. Life is a process. Improve the quality of the process and you improve the quality of life itself.

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Decompression Therapy

In Decompression, Low back pain, Mechanical Traction, Pain by ywijting

Clinicians who treat the spine use traction all the time. Some use their hands to deliver the traction force (manual traction). Others may use a device to help them out (mechanical traction). And some use both. I was trained as a manual therapist. When I work on the neck of a patient, I hold the head in both my hands …

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Pain – The Invisible Illness

In Low back pain, Pain, TENS by ywijting

September is Pain Awareness month in the USA. The goal of the month is to make pain less invisible. How aware are you of the problem of pain? Take the following little quiz and see how you do: How many adult Americans have daily chronic or severe pain? If you guessed 50M, you are right. According to a 2012 study …

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In Pain by ywijting

This post was written by my wife, Mary-Anne Wijting, LPCC. Mary-Anne is a counselor, a psychotherapist in Monterey, California. People come to see her because they feel they are stuck mentally. They may have relational issues, trouble getting over traumatic experiences, or any other of a host of possible mental issues. Common to many of them is that they also …