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The 7-Minute Workout

In Exercise, Fitness by ywijting

A busy schedule gets in the way of exercise. If this is your excuse, there is good news. High intensity short duration exercise will produce many of the same health benefits as a longer lasting exercise sessions. In fact, many experts feel that this approach may yield better results. There are many programs all over the internet that you can …

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The Hip Workout

In Exercise, Hip by ywijting

The hip gets way too little attention! When people think of exercise, they think of strengthening the quads, the biceps, the chest, etc. They may also do some stretching of various body parts. In my experience, the hip is too often left out of the program. This is a mistake as hip flexibility and strength have been shown to be …

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The Wake-Up Workout

In Exercise, Low back pain by ywijting

It is amazing what even a little bit of exercise will do for you! Better circulation, better energy, better resistance against disease and so much more. Exercise is good for you because it makes you move, and movement is quite literally the secret ingredient of a healthy pain-free life. Yet we often do not do enough exercise for all kinds …