Specialist Physical Therapy

I am proud to offer my physical therapy services in the Valley. People come to see me for a variety of reasons: from relatively straightforward orthopedic issues like muscle or joint sprains to much more complex issues like stiffness induced by ration treatment, low back and neck pain, vertigo and balance problems, or a need to sharpen speed and reaction times for competitive reasons.

A key differentiator of this practice is the skill of the practitioner. I have acquired advanced skills and technology in a number of areas to address your specific needs. My goal is to meet you where you are. I will help you to restore healthy movement to your body. You can do it!!

About me

I grew up and received my Physical Therapy training in the Netherlands. While the Physical Therapy education in the Netherlands is one of the best in the world, work opportunities were unfortunately limited at the time I graduated, so I did what many of us did – go abroad. I worked in Paris with the ballet dancers of the Paris Opera and then in a small private clinic in Switzerland before moving to South Africa with my wife. After working in the public health sector for a few years, I opened my own private practice and focused mainly on patients with orthopedic problems and athletes. I also increasingly engaged in teaching activities to help my colleagues develop critical clinical skills. We decided to move to the USA in 1996.

The USA has been a good growth experience for me. I have acquired new clinical skills and continued to expand my teaching activities. I now divide my time between patients in my private practice and continuing education activities across the USA and the world.

I view my role in the relationship with my patient as a facilitator. The human body always tries to heal itself; my job is to nudge it along in the right direction. I do that by using all the tools at my disposal: my hands, my knowledge, and all kinds of therapeutic devices.

I have developed several key areas of expertise over the years through experience and advanced education: Manual Therapy, especially for low back and neck disorders; the use of electrical stimulation in the treatment of swallowing disorders; the combination of manual therapy and electrical stimulation to loosen up stiffened neck tissues after radiation; treating balance problems caused by inner ear and brain disorders such as BPPV (crystals in the inner ear).

I have a keen appreciation for the benefit that technology can bring to the therapy environment. My practice is equipped with advanced tools such as the HuBER360 to treat balance disorders and provide carefully tailored exercise routines; wireless infrared Frenzel goggles to accurately measure eye movement during testing for vertigo; modality platforms to deliver electrical stimulation, surface EMG biofeedback, Ultrasound and Low Level Laser Therapy.

Member of the American Physical Therapy Association

Member of the Vestibular Disorders Association

Member of the California Physical Therapy Association

Licensed with the Physical Therapy Board of California

Physical Therapy Services

I provide evidence-based physical therapy services for individuals suffering from a wide range of physical issues. These include orthopedic disorders like joint and muscle sprains; more complex low back and neck injuries; vertigo and other balance disorders caused in the inner ear or in the brain; tissue stiffness as a result of radiation treatment, especially in the head and neck area; and many others.

I have developed advanced skills in the following areas.

Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy is the skilled application of manual techniques to improve range of motion of joints and soft tissues. Clinicians are trained to execute very specific techniques that can range from very low intensity and low amplitude movements to high intensity thrust-like manipulations. The clinician may hold a joint or muscle group in a certain position for a short period of time, waiting for it to ‘release’ (strain-counterstrain).

One area of special skill is the manual mobilization of the myofascial tissues and joints of the head and neck. Often patients who have received radiation to the area will later develop stiffness, which in turn can lead to significant issues with swallowing and talking. Myofascial release can be of significant benefit to restore necessary motion to the structures in the neck.

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Vestibular Rehabilitation

Vestibular rehabilitation therapy (VRT) is a form of therapy delivered by a specialized therapist with advanced training in treating vestibular disorders. The clinician will first execute a detailed evaluation to determine the cause of the symptoms. This evaluation may include the use of so-called Frenzel goggles to help the therapist analyze how the eyes respond to certain test movements.

An exercise program is then designed around the specific patient presentation. The goal of the treatment is to reduce vertigo and dizziness, improve the ability to ‘track’ with the eyes, and reduce imbalance and the risk of falls.

Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy works by stimulating the brain to develop new pathways and use other senses to substitute for the deficient vestibular system.

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Whole Body Rebalancing

The human body is a moving organism, one that is in constant movement. Good movement requires flexibility, strength, coordination and balance. When an injury or disease affects one or more of these key elements, we may need help to get our body back in balance. Whole Body Rebalancing (WBR) utilizes sophisticated equipment to identify and then treat the precise physiological components that need help. 

The evaluation and treatment device, the HUBER 360, is a multi-axial motorized platform with pressure sensors throughout the unit to monitor the patient’s reactions to movements and positions. The device measures every deviation and calculates performance scores automatically. In the hands of a specialized physical therapist, the unit provides breakthrough treatment for a variety of disorders.

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